Sadegh Vahedi
Sadegh Vahedi, better known as Sadegh, he has started his music career in 2010 as a member of Kaqaz Records Label and has released his first album named, Good Morning Iran. Sadegh is a hip-hop singer who during his years of activity has tried to combine, innovate and break the common frameworks of music while maintaining the identity of his own style. Sadegh has released 6 albums and several singles and has collaborated with many artists in different genres. He is known as an avant-garde artist in hip-hop music with diverse experiences.

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قرار نیست همه آثار یک آرتیست تو یه موضوع و در یک جهت و توی یک چهارچوب باشه.
این تک موضوعی و درگیر چهارچوب شدن تو روند فرسایشی هنر آرتیست رو از بین میبره به نظرم :)))